Thursday, 5 November 2015

Chemsex: Stranger Danger

Given that the “new demographic” of chemsexers – young, affluent professionals [Really?] – probably know how to manage their health in other respects, the prevalence of the behaviour is likely to go undocumented. So what preventative actions can GPs – or chemsexers – take? Same as before: if you’re going to mix sex and drugs to have fun, take sensible measures to reduce any risks – and use condoms.

Guardian online - a school nurse writes. 

Looks like the media's chemsex binge could carry on for days (eg 72 hours)...

This strives to be a level-headed piece, but it includes silly hyperbole about a 'public health TIMEBOMB' and a chemsex 'EXPLOSION'.

And this line is just plain laughable; 'Now the British Medical Journal has warned us that the rise of chemsex means it is no longer an alleged media scare story, but a public health priority.'

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