Sunday, 22 November 2015

Crispin Blunt: Tory Bummer For Bombing Syria

The Independent.

Admittedly it would be hard to throw people off tall buildings if you've bombed a city to dust, yeah.

Or for anyone to kill anyone when they're all already dead.

And would it have been okay to bomb Crispin Blunt back when he was a closeted and vocally anti-gay MP?

Update: From Kelvin MacKenzie in Monday's Sun...

In a poll for this newspaper that will strike fear into the hearts of the vast majority of our citizens one in four Muslims aged 18-34 said they either had “some or a lot of sympathy” for the Islamist Jihadis.

How do you mean sympathy?

Sympathy for firing a machine gun at point-blank range at unarmed innocent young people on a night out enjoying a band or a bite to eat? Sympathy for people who cut off the head of an unarmed hostage and film it to show the world their barbarism? ...

Sympathy for a death cult that throws gay people off roofs? ...

Kelvin edited The Sun in the 1980s and turned it into the most viciously homophobic and, of course, racist tabloid Britain has ever seen.

PS Why that Sun poll is bollocks.

See also The Media Have Failed Us: British muslims on coverage of the Paris attacks, Guardian.

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