Friday, 6 November 2015

Drop The T: Spoiler

A petition started by gay and bisexual men and women is calling for LGBTI news websites like Gay Star News as well as organizations such as GLAAD to stop representing the transgender community.

Spoiler! We’re not going to do that.

Gay Star News.

Well, you wouldn't would you?


Of course we should stand by trans people, I just wish the gay media only used LGBT when it's appropriate.

Do GSN mean 'gay and bisexual men and women' [sic] here?

Or LGBs?

ICYMI!!! Intellectual charlatan Camille Paglia being predictably barking on 'transgender mania.'

PS Oh goody! Another pointless petition, if only I could work out who they're petitioning...

Pink News.

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  1. Support them, but stop lumping them in with the LGB. LGB position on themselves is "there's nothing wrong with us, and who we sleep with doesn't matter.". The transgendered are a much different situation. They believe there is something so wrong with themselves that it takes heavy hormones and surgical procedures to make them right with the world.
    I don't believe grouping the T with the LGB died either community any good.