Sunday, 8 November 2015

Elton John: Gawd Bless You Ma'am!

The union has not been without its share of scrutiny. The Sun on Sunday carried an innuendo-laden story earlier this year, pointing out that Furnish had bought a £330,000 flat in south London for a hunky 33-year-old personal trainer [Danny Williams], who had also accompanied him on a number of trips.

“Oh, that was a situation where I was just helping someone out that was completely misconstrued,” says Furnish, apparently unperturbed.

Elton’s mum has also been known to turn to the tabloids to vent her feelings about her son-in-law, whom she seems to blame for a seven-year rift between mother and son. Sheila Farebrother did not attend the Furnish-John wedding and hired an Elton lookalike in March for her 90th birthday party. She told the Daily Mail earlier this year that the last time she spoke to her son, she ended the conversation by saying: “You think more of that f****** thing you married than your own mother.”

“It just makes me very sad,” says Furnish. “Next question.” 

The Sunday Times Magazine.

The only part of this interview that made me larf, not barf.

Update: Elton talks to the Oxford Union about Putin and Russia and gay footballers and other ABSOLUTELY THRILLING subjects du jour!

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