Thursday, 12 November 2015

Every Girl Needs A Gay: App Alling (See What I Did There?)

Now that science has finally proven what we’ve known all along about the special connection between straight women and gay men, this pairing has never been more – dare we say – en Vogue. Gay men and straight women balance each other out while simultaneously turning up each other’s FABULOUS. “Without sexual tension and social norms, the love between a gay man and a straight woman is not clouded by expectations. Something deeper, something magical, something liberating happens, and the rest is history.” – Justin Huang, Huffington Post

C’mon let’s face it…We seriously need each other! Don’t we? To find our best selves?

Just in time for the holiday season, I came across an actual tongue-not-in-cheek website called Every Girl Needs A Gay. It claims to match basic straight girls with a Gay Best Friend. Taking the guesswork out of finding a GBF, users can fill in information about themselves – like whether they’re a Carrie or a Samantha, top or sloppy bottom – and be paired via an arbitrary algorithm to the gay man of their dreams!

The site doesn’t officially open until January of next year. But all of the thirsty women with broken gaydars can stay up to date with… CHER. “We’re calling our eNewsletter ‘CHER!’” the website shrieks. “Timeless, original, and FABULOUS. Her essence is an adjective that says it ALL!”

Every Girl Needs A Gay is the forlorn brain fart of Boston-based web designer Gini Garbick, whose entire gay friend circle is surely just holograms of stereotyped gays from early 2000s sitcoms like Will & Grace...


Fagburn secretly quite admires people who try to rip off complete idiots.

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