Thursday, 12 November 2015

Hollywood HIV Panic: 1980s Flashback!

OJ writing about gay men as a strange abstraction again in The Guardian.
Gay Times.
Yeah, we get it, it's just like the 80s.

Blah blah blah stigma shame bad stuff etc.

Got anything interesting or original to say?


Thought not.

PS And the wonderfully illiterate Pink News comes up top trumps!

Like a 14 year-old schoolboy's essay trying to show off by using a big word, unfortunately 'eviscerate' is the wrong word; it means 'disembowelling a goat.'


  1. Why is this coming out now? Although no names were mentioned, there seemed to be a reference to presumably the man in question in one of those leaked Sony emails back in 2014 and how he was HIV+ and (in their words) also a drug addict.

  2. Actually, it doesn't *mean* disembowelling a goat. It merely means disembowelling. Goats are merely among the things that can be eviscerated.

    And the word does have a sort-of-metaphorical use, I think; comparable to "didn't have a leg to stand on when I'd finished with him".

  3. Lo0o0o0o0o0L! The self-appointed chief caller-out of illiterate gay idiots everywhere...embarrasses his distinctly-no-longer-14-yr-old-schoolboy gay ass idiotically. How embarrassingly cringe! Eviscerating, even!

    (Added to the file)