Friday, 20 November 2015

Ian Greer: 1933-2015

Greer's homosexuality was an open secret in Westminster. He and his long-term partner, Clive Ferreira, were accepted as a couple years before civil partnerships were recognised. In retirement, he caused a stir by claiming on Radio 5 that there were 40 or 50 gay MPs in the Commons, though he never named names. He and Clive moved to South Africa after the collapse of his business with their dog, Sir Humphrey. There, Greer set up a soup kitchen for homeless children. He returned to London in 2013, to marry Ferreira, who survives him.


There's a lesson there: Never set up a business with your dog.

PS More on the strange warped LGBTory world here; Sex, drugs and blackmail claims rock the Tories: Party chiefs are accused of cover-up over allegations against bullying PM's aide who 'had sex dossiers on four MPs'.

Fagburn wonders what the odious Mark Clarke had on Elliott Johnson, the Tory party activist driven to suicide in September?

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