Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Michael Lucas: Is Disgusting - Official!

A gay porn star is being sued by the owner of a mansion that he rented for allegedly 'leaving enemas, sex toys and bodily fluids all over the property' after he made a hardcore movie.

Michael Lucas' film crew is being sued by the owner of the Acacia Mansion located in Ojai, California who allege he rented the property under false pretenses and pretended it was for a summer vacation.

The owner, Kristina Knapic, 45, alleges that Lucas rented the property under a fake name that looked like 'Anna' and showed up to take the keys by saying he was her brother in law.

And she alleges Lucas stayed there for five days and left 'Urine, semen and fecal matter on the linens, carpets, upholstery, walls, ceilings and in the hot tub.'

'Enema kits were found throughout the house- on the floors, in the beds, in nightstand drawers and in the trash,' the lawsuit claims.

It also stated 'Various sexual devices were found in the beds and in the trash...The hot tub water was brownish in color,' The Smoking Gun reported...

Mail Online.

Fagburn is all in favour of this far-right gay turd being sent to the chair for this.

Update: Warning graphic content!


  1. Please would you give a warning, when providing links to disgusting, depraved content. I innocently clicked on your "warning graphic content" link, hoping for some tasteful pictures of naked men and instead found myself on a pornographic site called Mail Online. It was full of nasty right wing propaganda and the thought that I have added to their total readership has already sent me scurrying to the shower three times this morning. I just cannot get clean...

  2. So fucking punchable