Thursday, 12 November 2015

Tom Daley Watch: Knitwear Weekly

Olympic diver Tom Daley caused a sensation when he announced via YouTube that he was bisexual...


Now engaged and in training for Rio 2016, he talks to Susannah Butter about being bullied, making sacrifices and his love of Bake Off'

Here we go...

His dark thigh hair is shaved ‘to make my legs look straighter and show muscle definition in competitions’...


'When people meet Lance, they usually guess he’s 25.'


Initially, though, there were ‘generational differences’: ‘He wasn’t on  Instagram; I taught him that.’ In return, Black applies Daley’s fake tan...


Daley discovered his affinity for diving aged seven when he saw people doing it at the local pool...


Daley met Black at a dinner in Los Angeles when he was visiting for the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards


'When I put my number in his phone I put “Call me” with a wink face...'

Possible typo?

From a positively gripping interview with our Tom in The Evening Standard.

Ye gods, she's boring.

PS And here's an innuendo-laden piece from their vaults...

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