Thursday, 10 December 2015

Andy West: Vs Tyson Fury

Daily Mail.

Fagburn is trying to confirm why Andy West was 'suspended'.

It could be because he's a complete loon, it seems somewhat unlikely that the BBC would suspend a member of staff for signing an online petition - I can't recall anyone being suspended for saying Jeremy Clarkson should be sacked, for example - but until we get clarification, it's probably best not to comment.

Note that BBC News presenter, Clive Myrie, said Fury 'cannot be a dickhead and win Sports Personality Of The Year' live on air, with no problems, it appears.

Good day.

PS This story appears to have originated with Patrick Strudwick, a man who would shout 'HOMOPHOBE!' at a shower curtain.


  1. John Lyttle, too, is apt to diagnose in homophobia in those who venture a different view from his.

  2. The BBC,to preserve it's reputation for "impartiality" (you have to laugh), has strict rules for its presenters. Remember Graham Norton being ticked off for wearing a red ribbon? On the other hand, it's open season on Corbyn at the BBC.