Thursday, 3 December 2015

Bad Stuff Round-Up: Feel The Fury

'Don’t let your sexuality define you” is a phrase that I’m sure most of us are absolutely sick to death of hearing, despite the fact that in my experience heterosexual people have been the first to ‘define’ me in this way. What this basically means is “I know you’re gay, but you don’t have to be into all those gay things.” This creates a culture where gay people are routinely made to feel lucky or grateful for being accepted, when in fact this should be the norm and not the exception. Just as gay celebrities have to be more talented, your average gay person has to be funnier, smarter and more outgoing to compensate for the fact that they sleep with men...'

Textbook hysterical knicker-wetting gay winky wanky woo from Independent Voices.

Sake, a school magazine would have rejected this 'I is so oppressed!' drivel.

PS Did Tyson Fury getting nominated for BBC Sports Personality Of The Year warrant two (2) stories on IV? You guys must be rilly angry!

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