Sunday, 13 December 2015

Chemsex: No Thanks

I’ve not become addicted to chemsex. In fact, I haven’t been to a sex-themed party during the weekend for some time now. But it’s true that I haven’t had sex without being under the influence since I was introduced to this new lifestyle.

But back to being a bad person: am I? Because I really don’t feel like I am. All of my friends do it, after all, and we can’t all be bad – can we? ...

The only reason moral outrage about chillouts and chemsex has suddenly been ignited is because this hidden world has hit the mainstream media – and, let’s face it, the straight community. It’s not because we haven’t been doing it all along.

What isn’t going to help is a cohort of uniformed journalists and academics jumping on a bandwagon of manufactured outrage. I am yet to read an article on this that hasn’t left me feeling miserable about myself. Mephedrone doesn’t leave me feeling this way, nor does G – and chemsex and chillouts definitely don’t - but those articles do.

This is all my choice; I won’t blame anybody if it comes crashing down but myself. So why the false concern?

Independent Voices.

Seems to me to be a group of gay men who doing the tut-tutting.

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  1. Interesting....I wasn't able to connect with this at all, but last night have discovered that a good friend's best mate who has been quite lost and missing in so many ways over the last year, uses mephredrone and does exactly as described..he even tweeted about london spy..though thinks he looks better that reece..he's totally happy..except when he's crying on the phone..and feels he's heading in to the abyss..his friends just miss him..and all the times he's not turned up/flaked out/caused a scene..rather than being the good mate he used to be..supposedly mepr ,gives you the self esteem to just say YES..