Friday, 4 December 2015

Chemsex: Vice And Versa

Vice asked for an article cause of all my barely coherent rants about chemsex and their own Chemsex Week.

Here it is. 

In conclusion: It's strange that even though the media can now grasp that groups of gay men taking drugs vertically (ie in a club) are doing it cause it's fun, they still can't seem to see that groups of gay men taking drugs horizontally (ie at a chillout) might also be having the time of their lives.

Fagburn is also monumentally bored with professional cry babies endlessly pushing their gay mis lit narratives.

PS Here's what really happens at a 'chemsex party', HuffPost Gay Voices.

A discussion that sounds like they're telling listeners about the bizarre mating rituals of a newly discovered tribe in the Amazon basin.


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  1. What distresses me most about these parties is not that they exist but that I'm never invited.