Friday, 18 December 2015

Denis Nilsen: Exclusive

Nilsen, 70, was caged for life in 1983 for killing and dismembering at least 12 men over the previous five years in London...

Now, in a letter from maximum security Full Sutton Prison in York, Nilsen has revealed he has composed thousands of typewritten pages of autobiography confessing all.

The former civil servant said: "I have told my own story in an archive of huge input to the extent of thousands of typewritten pages of autobiography and supporting material which will come to light in the future, possibly after I am dead and gone.

"This Nilsen Archive is in safe storage outside of prison."


Small print: 'Twelve years ago he was banned from publishing an autobiography called The History Of A Drowning Boy following a judicial review.'

Nilsen's autobiography has been a work-in-progress since 1988, he has written.

The last time this story resurfaced, he claimed he had completed five volumes, and written 4,000 pages.

Although sadly I haven't read it yet, I think my review would be just one word; 'rambling'.

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