Saturday, 12 December 2015

Free Speech: Manic Street Preacher

A Christian street preacher has won an appeal against his conviction for delivering homophobic sermons. Michael Overd, 50, who regularly preaches on the streets of Taunton, Somerset, was found guilty of the offence in March.

He was convicted of a public order offence after a conversation with a gay man who objected to his preaching.

Judge David Ticehurst quashed that conviction yesterday after a hearing at Taunton crown court and awarded costs in favour of Mr Overd, who lives in Creech St Michael and is supported by the Christian Legal Centre (CLC).

Speaking after the case, Mr Overd said that the crown prosecution service had failed to provide sufficient evidence to justify his conviction.

“Today the court was faced with the farcical situation of a witness telling the judge that he couldn’t even remember what I had said but simply asserting that it was ‘homophobic’, as though the mere assertion that something is ‘homophobic’ is enough to curtail free speech,” he said. “Reasonable, law-abiding people now feel that they can’t say certain things, and that is dangerous....'

The Times.

I'll have to agree with you here, you lunatic bigot.

Long may you be free to speak utter nonsense!

Though, if you came shouting near me, I'd give you a big girly slap, and tell you to 'Fuck off out of here!'

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