Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Gay: The Agony

THEY were dubbed the “demon children” and “Asbros” after racking up more than 40 arrests and a criminal record by the age of 12.

After three years of starting fires, throwing stones, breaking fences and racially abusing neighbours, Danny and Ricky Oakley became Britain’s youngest recipients of anti-social behaviour orders.

But eldest brother Danny says it was not an Asbo he needed, just a loving family — and he thinks a secret added to his torment.

The 21-year-old believes that hiding his homosexuality was one of the main triggers for him wreaking havoc in his neighbourhood of Wolverhampton.

It is something he now deeply regrets...

The Sun.

The agony!


That 'heart-warming' 'adorable' interview with Attitude surely awaits...

PS So how does he explain his straight brother's behaviour?

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