Monday, 21 December 2015

Gay Star News: God Hates Free Ads

The ‘God Hates Fag’ church caused a ‘social media frenzy’ when it shared a picture of Ryan Zamo kissing his fiancé in front of The Equality House across the street from the churches headquarters in Topeka, Kansas.

As fellow church members commented on and shared the picture, it quickly started to trend on Instagram and resulted in a ‘massive influx of sales’ to Zamo’s online skincare business.

‘It really didn’t bother me that much. We thought it was actually funny that it was becoming so popular, but neither my fiancé nor I are the types to retaliate, it wasn’t anything to be up in arms about,’ said Ryan Zamo, CEO of Z Skin Cosmetics.

‘We actually sent them a package with some of our Z Skin Cosmetics anti-aging, acne and hair products, after all they did drive massive sales for our site, it’s the least we could do.’

Gay Star News. 

Sorry!!? Where was this picture posted? What 'social media frenzy'? How would anyone know who was in the photo? Or that they ran a cosmetics firm?

Here's the press release on PR News Wire GSN have cut-and-pasted.

It would be wrong to single out this story, when so much on GSN is just regurgitated press releases, but this really is first-class horseshit.

It's so shameless and pathetic I almost wish it was another example of their undisclosed paid advertorial.

Gay Star News, why do you have such utter contempt for your readers?

PS And Pink News too! (May have been removed from the main site, for shame).

Update: Irony craps its nappy as Queerty credit Pink News as the source and title it 'Free Publicity'!

If anyone needs reminding that the gay news media is systematically shit, this be the post!

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