Thursday, 17 December 2015

London Spy: A Love Story

Hi, Tom! London Spy is in The Guardian’s Top 10 TV of 2015 – congratulations!

That’s really wonderful. I guess it has been a talking point and it’s full of things that are provocative. I thought a gay love story might not be embraced by everyone, but I was really surprised that Danny and Alex’s sex scene in episode one shocked anyone. It was as mild as I could have made it. I was less surprised by the second one [a chemsex orgy] creating a stir, but the two scenes were narrative counterpoints – you needed to see one to fully understand the other...

You’ve said: “It had to be for TV because, with a gay relationship at the centre of the story, it would have been impossible to fund a movie.”

I’ve heard executives ask what the point is of having a gay relationship when it’s off-putting to so many people. Gay people have been watching straight relationships and been engrossed by them for years. Why would you need to see a mirror version of yourself to connect with a story?

Writer Tom Rob Smith interviewed in The Guardian - SPOILER ALERT!!

PS Note how the journalist adds 'a chemsex orgy', to make it more à la mode.


  1. Pretentious, ponderous and implausible always makes for good telly.

  2. It was ok..but there were so many holes in the plot...ones you could have driven the vintage car through...Charlotte R just wiped the screen with everyone..and our Ben , is now stuck.. having seen a view of him in The Danish Girl[ watch out for small comedy beret ] he's being typecast.. as soooo sensitive..