Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Syria: Cassus Belli

Great to see Pink News doing their bit to support the war effort.

Note how the 'Let's bomb Raqqa to buggery to save Teh Gayz!' line is also taken up today by our friends at the Mail Online and in The Sun's editorial; Why We Must Tackle This Evil.

PS The Mail story is actually an old wire story from Associated Press, note those fag-enablers at Fox News also like it.

And, but of course, the odious Dan Hodges at the Telegraph pitches in...

By the time you finish reading this article somewhere in Syria Isil will have murdered someone. They may have made them dig their own grave and shot them. They may have burned them alive. Perhaps they will have thrown them of a roof for being gay. Or raped them, tortured them and then beheaded them for the crime of being a woman. 

Remember, the UK doesn't do imperialism, this is another 'humanitarian intervention'.

Update: Yet more from Britain's best known champion of gay rights, The Sun. Funny this is foregrounded today, eh?

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  1. Whilst I raise one cheer about persecuting gays becoming so unacceptable that it's being used to justify involving this country in another disastrous conflict, seeing this spouted by MPs in the party that brought us Section 28 and papers like the Sun and Mail is nauseating. People have short memories.