Thursday, 10 December 2015

VIP Paedophile Ring: Oops!

A key witness in the VIP paedophile scandal says that he can no longer stand by claims attributed to him that he was a witness to two murders.

The man, known as Darren, told The Times that in dealings with journalists, campaigners, politicians and police over the past two years he had felt under pressure to make allegations and disclose names. He said he wished he had never spoken out about his allegations of child abuse and wanted no further contact with detectives who were still trying to investigate his claims.

Darren said: “I feel like I’ve been used. Making the allegations has destroyed my life and left me vulnerable.”

He was also in email contact with Tom Watson, Labour’s deputy leader, who raised the prospect of a Westminster paedophile ring in the House of Commons in 2012. The Times has seen a message to Darren in which Mr Watson offered to email the Metropolitan police to “chivvy them up a bit” in relation to one investigation...

The Times.

Surely it's time for the hysyterical witchfinder Tom Watson to resign?

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