Saturday, 31 December 2016

2016: Goodbye

Pierre Boulez
David Bowie
Terry Wogan
Tony Warren
Victoria Wood
Muhammad Ali
Billy Name
Alan Vega
The 49 victims of the Pulse massacre
Scotty Moore
Caroline Aherne
Gene Wilder
Dario Fo
Edward Albee
Jean Alexander
Pete Burns
Leonard Cohen
Fidel Castro
George Michael

But most of all my Mummy.

1987 Fagburn Awards: Books Of The Year

1. Homintern: How Gay Culture Liberated The Modern World - Gregory Woods

Magnificent, magisterial, massive, a masterpiece.

2. The Descent Of Man - Grayson Perry

3. Keeping On Keeping On - Alan Bennett.

4. Party Animals: My Family And Other Communists - David Aaronovitch

5. Suspicious Minds: Why People Believe Conspiracy Theories - Rob Brotherton *

* This was actually published right at the end of 2015. If you feel chronologically insulted feel free to imagine Who Rules The World? by Noam Chomsky or Shrinking Violets: A Field Guide To Shyness by Joe Moran here.

1987 Fagburn Awards: Albums Of The Year

1. Good Times - The Monkees

Shockingly good. And great to hear something so joyous in a world otherwise drowning in death (see below).

2. Black Star - David Bowie

3. Skeleton Tree - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

4. You Want It Darker -  Leonard Cohen

5. Let The Record Show - Dexys

Fagburn's most played artists this year were Syd Barrett, Big Audio Dynamite, Chas & Dave, Grace Jones and Sleaford Mods.

Monday, 26 December 2016

George Michael: Last Christmas

So sad. x

Let the salacious rumours begin!

Jan Moir you got your laptop out yet?

PS The right-wing press are now mourning the death of a gay icon they vilified for so long, Lee Williscroft-Ferris, Independent Voices.

Fagburn hopes to be blogging regularly again in the new year. x

Monday, 19 December 2016

Russell Tovey: Career Opportunities

The casting couch?*

*This is a gag, lawyers.

DJ Hell: I Want U

Rabbi Lionel Blue: 1930-2017

I once interviewed Rabbi Lionel Blue and asked him if he thought the Ten Commandments could be made more appealing to young people by adding some fashion do's and dont's.

'Oh no....'

PS Lionel reads his own obituary.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Stephen Port: Kids

The families of four gay men poisoned by Stephen Port will sue Scotland Yard because a 'five-year-old child' would have deduced they were murdered before their detectives did.
The Met repeatedly said the similar deaths in Barking over 15 months were all not suspicious before serial killer Port was arrested last year. 
Jack Taylor, 25, Anthony Walgate, 23, Gabriel Kovari, 22, and Daniel Whitworth, 21, were all murdered by Port but initially they were considered self-administered overdoses and not linked.
All were given lethal amounts of so-called 'chemsex' drug GHB - abused while unconscious - and dumped in the street or the local graveyard.
Port even went to prison for lying about about Mr Walgate's death but officers still failed to work out he was a murderer and he was released before killing again. 
Mr Walgate's mother, Sarah Sak, said today: 'A five-year-old child could have put the clues together'.
She said: 'It was homophobia. He had planted GMB on them. The police thought "young gay lad. Oh he's had chemsex. Done".'
'They were like that from the beginning, they just refused to investigate anything, didn't matter what you said to them they kept telling us there was nothing to investigate.' 

Daily Mail.

Well done Plod!

Monday, 5 December 2016

BBC: Under The Mistletoe

The BBC Christmas ad features two fellas kissing - for about two seconds (alongside a lot of other stuff; dogs, people eating kebabs etc).

Obviously the gay media are very excited, and think it's 'adorable'.

Oh, to be so banal and so easily pleased.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Milo: Far Right Poster Boy

"They need to pathologise me,” he snaps. “They need to give me a disease. They need to say I’m self-loathing. Because it’s the only reason they can give that identity politics hasn’t worked in this case. I’m gay. I dress and I look and I act like I ought to have politics X and I have politics Y, and they can’t work it out. But it’s not difficult to work out. It’s really easy. It’s that identity politics is bulls***. It’s garbage. It’s total nonsense. It’s not based on truth or logic or anything else; it’s based on hurt feelings and victimhood.”

Times profile - titled The Poster Boy Of America's Far Right.

That's some claim to fame, dear.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Chemsex: Addicted


The only people addicted to chemsex are the journalists who can't stop writing about it.

Fagburn: Time To Get Out Of Bed

Hello again,

I should be back blogging and playing catch-up over the weekend.


PS Going through a month's backlog of emails - apologies, but can you please re-send if you need a reply and haven't had one.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

When We Rise: Trailer

US TX February 2017. UK unknown

Dustin Lance Black says though the series (unseen) has been attacked by the alt-right crypto-fascists, even Trump will love it.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Words Of The Year: Fake News

Noun. What the gay media specialises in. Usually just lifted from the straight media.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

USA: President Trump

America and the World are now - officially - fucked.

Gee Vaucher

Monday, 24 October 2016

Pete Burns: 1959-2016

The man behind this colossal SAW single.

The master/mistress of not giving a fuck.

Seeing Pete play at The Cock was one of the best hours of my life.

Thanks for everything.


UKIP: Top Bantz!


Sunday, 23 October 2016

Gay Marriage: Gay Cakes, Gay Fuckwittery

I don't give a fuck if someone wants a gay cake or or if someone won't make it.

Can you think of a list of messages a baker wouldn't want to ice?

Lets' start with - by way of example - a cake reading ' DEATH TO THE GAYS!'

People can just say no, you know.

Stefano Brizzi: Worst Date EVER!!!

Alan Bennett: Query

I hear word Dame Alan may have a book coming out - can anyone confirm this?

Bob Dylan: Nobel Prize For Literature Winner

Monday, 3 October 2016

Attitude: Exciting News!

In no way has the British gay media gone into meltdown.

This may be one reason why Matthew Todd walked last month.

Have the feeling there won't be an issue in 2017.

Could be wrong.

'Stream Publishing’s award-winning contract publishing portfolio includes titles produced for blue-chip clients CityJet, Cunard, Flybe, Hertz, Liberty, McColl’s Retail Group, P&O Cruises, SPAR and Vauxhall‎, as well as the wholly-ownedWinq, the luxury lifestyle magazine for gay men.'

Maybe not.

PS Who the felch would want to read anything after these cover lines?

And who the fuck is Nyle Dmarco?

Sorry, but this looks like patronising 'right-on' tokenism.

£5 for something boring you could read for free in QX!

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Camp: Indecent Acts

A thoughtful piece on Consented by Tom Ana, but it confuses camp - an act or affectation - with effeminacy - how we are.*

* Well, some of us, anyway.

Mail On Sunday: What A Load Of Wank (As Per)

Mail On Sunday.

Oh do piss off.

You had a five minute slot on a radio comedy show that runs twelve weeks a year.

You were elbowed out cause the BBC has an admirable commitment to not just having a load of blokes on programmes like that, and you were the unfunniest.

Race never entered into it.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Arthur Russell: Vanished Into Music

The writer Olivia Laing presents an imaginative portrait of Arthur Russell.

Arthur Russell was a cellist, a composer, a songwriter and a disco auteur. He was active in the New York downtown scene of the 1970s and was a frequent collaborator with the likes of Allen Ginsberg and Philip Glass. Although extremely prolific, his inability to finish projects is often cited as part of the reason that very little of his music was released during his lifetime.

When Arthur Russell died in 1992 his Village Voice obituary read, "Arthur's songs were so personal that it seems as though he simply vanished into his music."

Please listen to this beautiful programme about Arthur Russell and his beautiful music on BBC iPlayer.

NB The actual opening description in the programme is; 'His name is Arthur Russell. He's 35. He's a gay man, a Buddhist, a cellist, a country singer, an avant garde composer, a disco queen. He's the greatest musician you've never heard of.'

Why did the BBC website delete all the gay stuff?

PS Watch David Byrne, Philip Glass and Allen Ginsberg chat about their friend and collaborator Arthur.

Queer Progress: From Homophobia To Homonationalism

From its beginning – a carefully written review of key concepts such as materialism, liberalism, Keynesian economics, and gay liberation – it’s clear that Queer Progress is in the business of analysis as much as it is about telling a crucial story. But the two aspects are thoughtfully intertwined, with McCaskell identifying examples of, say, left opportunism at work in the disruptions of gay conferences by revolutionary Marxist groups, or early rhetorical shifts toward respectability and away from sexual liberation.

The latter implies the book’s central question: where and how did a movement that vociferously defended sexual deviance, and that universally distrusted the state, get replaced by a politics that shies away from radical sexuality and unquestioningly lauds a wonky, government-approved vision of gay rights? A queer sort of “progress” indeed...

Queer Progress: From Homophobia To Homonationalism, Tim McCaskell (Between The Lines).

Julien Macdonald: Unlike You

He studied at Brighton Art College - and he was an annoying ugly prissy pissy queen then, too.

You'd take tips on what to look like from someone that looks like that?


Hillary Clinton: Power Bottom Indeed

In an email sent to his business partner and Democratic fundraiser Jeffrey Leeds, former Secretary of State Colin Powell wrote of Hillary Clinton, “Everything HRC touches she kind of screws up with hubris.”

Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State during Barack Obama’s first term was an unmitigated disaster for many nations around the world. Neither the Donald Trump campaign nor the corporate media have adequately described how a number of countries around the world suffered horribly from Mrs. Clinton’s foreign policy decisions.

Millions of people were adversely harmed by Clinton’s misguided policies and her “play-to-pay” operations involving favors in return for donations to the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative.

Here is a before and after chart illustrating, country by country, the destabilizing effects of Clinton’s policies as Secretary of State...

Her neo-conservative neo-imperialism has fucked over at least 27 countries, fags adoration of this evil woman appals me.

Hari Kunzru: On Cultural Appropriation

Clearly, if writers were barred from creating characters with attributes that we do not “own” (gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and so on), fiction would be impossible. Stories would be peopled by clones of the author. Since trespassing into otherness is a foundation of the novelist’s work, should we restrict ourselves in some way, so as to avoid doing violence to those who identify with our characters? The injunction to refrain from “cultural appropriation” sounds like a call for censorship, or at best a warning to self-censor, an infringement of the creative liberty to which so many surprising people profess themselves attached.

It is true that the politics of offence are used to shut down dissident voices of all kinds, frequently in minority communities, and the understanding of culture as a type of property to which ownership can be definitively assigned is, at the very least, problematic. Should the artist go forth boldly, without fear? Of course, but he or she should also tread with humility. Note that I do not say, “with care”. I don’t believe any subject matter should a priori be off limits to anyone, or that harm necessarily flows from the kind of ventriloquism that all novelists perform. Quite the opposite. Attempting to think one’s way into other subjectivities, other experiences, is an act of ethical urgency. For those who have never experienced the luxury of normativity, the warm and fuzzy feeling of being the world’s default setting, humility in the face of otherness seems like a minimal demand. Yet it appears that for some, the call to listen before speaking, to refrain from asserting immediate authority, is so unfamiliar that it feels outrageous. I’m being silenced! My freedom is being abridged! Norm is unaccustomed to humility because he has grown up as master of the house. All the hats are his to wear. For the deviant others, who came in by the kitchen door, it has always been expected, even demanded...

Guardian Books.

Other authors' opinions are available.

Into The Outside: The Story So Far

Into the Outside is a major, multi-partner heritage-learning project with local young people, re-examining the city’s rich LGBTQ+ past and creating a new archive of queer youth experiences.

The exhibition charts the progress of the project and includes creative writing, photography and archive material.

Supported by respected photographer Helen Cammock, young participants are examining how issues faced today by young people identifying as LGBTQ+ compare with those faced by young LGBTQ+ people over the past forty years.

Participants are exploring a range of archive materials, including the National Lesbian and Gay Survey – an extraordinary collection of autobiographical writing and ephemera submitted by over 700 people between 1986 and 1994.

A collaboration with the Mass Observation Archive, Brighton & Hove Libraries Service, the East Sussex Record Office and Queer in Brighton.

University of Brighton Galleries – Grand Parade, 58-67 Grand Parade BN2 0JY. 1st October to 30th October. Free.

Download the beautiful exhibition guide here.

Friday, 30 September 2016

United Nations: Protection

The UN Human Rights Council has appointed its first independent investigator to help protect homosexual and transgender people worldwide from violence and discrimination.

The United Nations expert Vitit Muntarbhorn will have a three-year mandate to investigate abuses against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people.

Mr Muntarbhorn is an international law professor at the Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand, and has served on several UN bodies, including inquiries on Syria and as a special rapporteur on North Korea.

The UN agreed on the new role in June, after the 47-member council overcame strong objections by Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries to adopt a Western-backed resolution by a vote of 23 states in favour and 18 against with six abstentions.

Human Rights Watch welcomed Friday's appointment, saying the UN council “made history”...

Well, it's certainly a better idea than thinking countries will like being bossed around by 'enlightened' America, but how is this going to work exactly?

Swiss Army Man: Gay Necrophilia

At one stage, it seemed as if the movie was going to be a traditional(ish) love story – Hank finds Manny, who helps guide him towards the woman he adores. But as it went on, it became apparent that it was something quite different – more about the relationship between the two male characters, and about loneliness. Was that always your intent?

In some ways, we thought we were making a more conventional guy trying to get back to his girl story. But the more drafts we wrote, the more we realised… it sounds stupid when writers say “I listening to my character”, but that’s how it ended up happening. We could tell that Hank and Manny needed each other more than Hank and Sarah ever did. We just kept rewriting and rewriting, until we allowed them to fall in love. And once we allowed ourselves to write that, that story really started to grow and blossom into something worthwhile.'

So that was a really interesting turning point – when we let Hank and Manny fall in love and accidentally made a gay necrophilia movie.' ...

Director Daniel Kwan, Telegraph.

Better known as 'the farting corpse film'.

Ofcom: How Rude

The watchdog found that television viewers and radio listeners were more likely to tolerate swearing if it reflected 'real world' situations. Of the swear words deemed 'milder', the study found they were 'generally of little concern' if used to express strong emotion or as a light-hearted insult.

The Ofcom report said: 'Many of these were thought to be in common use, including in front of children, and therefore mostly acceptable before the watershed.'

Derogatory language used to describe older people, including 'coffin dodger' and 'old bag', was deemed mild and 'not considered problematic by most'. Other words such as ginger or gay were only considered a problem if they were used as a derogatory term.

Viewers were less tolerant of swear words linked to body parts, or of religious insults or racist or homophobic language. The religious terms were included because of their use as expletives, not because of their use in a religious context...

Daily Mail.

Ofcom media release - and their hilarious list of offensive words and gestures from arse to whore.

We get our own list...

Boy George: Getting Away With It

Daily Star.

Cause mobile phones has cameras.

That's basically all he says in a brief interview at the Brit Awards - which were in February!

Alan Carr: Simply The Best


Sorry about you having t meet Dan Wootton.

PS She's got a book out, Alanatomy. So expect her to be everywhere next month.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Tom Of Finland: Your Actual Gay Art And Culture

Justin Bieber: Porn Star

Via Instinct.

The offer to the Biebs of $2 million to make a gay porn film was nothing but a PR stunt, obvs.

Worked though.

PS This would be AMAZING!

Cliff Richard: 'A Cloud Has Lifted'

BBC Radio 2 interview.

Big Brother: Wedding Balls

Not really sure who those two are, tbh, but I'm sure this marriage will last til death do them part.

Advertising: Toy Story

According to just about all gay media this ad for Smyths, an American toy store, 'helps smash gender stereotypes'.

If you say so.

This line has been so repeated so often, it may have come from a press release.

Probably just gay press laziness though.

Deep Water: The Real Story

Guardian Australia.

This is fascinating.

I don't know if either of these programmes will be shown in the UK.

Church Times: Son Of A Preacher Man


That's nice, dear.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Peter Tatchell: The Case For The Defence


It's actually planned as a defence of Saint Peter against his critics in the media etc.

Though I can't recall one critical piece written about this 'national treasure' in all the years I've been doing Fagburn.

It tends to be ordinary gay men - especially those on the left and/or who've tried to work with his mad vanity and ego - that think he's become a joke.

But please give generously.

Rainbow Flag: The Space Between Your Ears

Gay Star News.

Sorry, what's the point of this?

I don't understand the point.

What is the fucking point, please?

Roger Casement: Martyr

Guardian Books.

Think this was settled some time ago, dear.

Jeremy Corbyn: On Langston Hughes

As the great American poet Langston Hughes put it: “I see that my own hands can make the world that’s in my mind”.

PS JC tells Theresa May to read Oscar Wilde's De Profundis. So glad we've got a socialist literary fag hag leading the Labour Party. It feels like home again now. x

Bradley & Ottavio: State Of This

X Factor duo Bradley and Ottavio have claimed they were booted from Channel 4's Coach Trip because of 'homophobic bullying', according to a report.

The hopefuls - who made it through to Judges' Houses after Louis Walsh's controversial decisions saw him swap several groups during the Six Chair Challenge - have independently appeared on several reality shows including Channel 5's Strip Date and X Factor for a second time.

While on Channel 4's popular daytime show however, when they featured together, they were booted off after contestants deemed their behaviour to be 'irresponsible'.

Speaking about the departure, the pair have claimed there was much more to it, claiming the contestants were being homophobic, stating they wanted to 'get the gays out next'...


Could be justified here.

Coming Out: Jeffrey Weeks

From the barbaric legal and social oppression of the nineteenth century to the seismic impact of the gay liberation movement in the 1970s and beyond, COMING OUT maps the story of British LGBT identities and the ongoing struggle for equality. A compassionate and moving social history written in an open and accessible way, it lucidly illustrates the resilience and grit of the LGBT community in the face of unprecedented challenges.

Originally published to great acclaim in 1977 as a pioneering study of gay and lesbian lives, this classic prize-winning title is newly reissued in a revised and updated edition at a time when LGBT issues are a matter of national importance. As a gay activist and campaigner, Jeffrey Weeks has been on the frontline of the fight for equality for decades.

The third edition of Coming Out, the best history of the recent gays in Britain by far.

Love this book.

Matt Irwin: GHB GBH

A PHOTOGRAPHER whose showbiz pals included Rita Ora, Kylie Minogue and members of One Direction killed himself with a lethal dose of a party drug known as liquid ecstasy after splitting from his boyfriend, an inquest heard.

Matt Irwin, 36, said he could no longer “look himself in the mirror” in a suicide note on his laptop before taking a lethal dose of GHB...