Tuesday, 26 January 2016

B&B: A Horror Film

EXCLUSIVE: Creative England backs feature about gay couple who plot revenge against a conservative B&B owner.

UK production outfit Hummingbird Films has begun shooting in Bristol on thriller B&B, the directorial debut of Trance co-writer Joe Ahearne.

Paul McGann (Withnail & I), Tom Bateman (Jekyll & Hyde) and Sean Teale (Reign) star in the story of a gay couple who return to bait the owner of a remote B&B one year after they successfully sued him for not allowing them to share a bed.

However, events take a deadly turn when a guest with even more sinister intentions arrives...

Screen Daily. 

Liking the sound of this.

I'm thinking The Wicker Man meets The League Of Gentlemen meets The Shining meets Psycho meets Carrie.



  1. Yes, sounds good :)

    Check out Paul Foots stand up piece about bed and breakfasts. He's my absolute favorite comedian now, it was Dylan Moran but when I saw Paul Foot do the Chinese takeaway bit I just lost it :D

  2. Perhaps those supportive straight guys in the shower you featured a couple of days ago were auditioning for the shower sequence.

  3. Suitable topics of discussion while getting the snip:

    "Are you familiar with post punk bands ?"
    "Hold still please."
    "Yes but what about Magazine, don't you think they totally kicked butt."
    "Yes dear, now, here comes a sharp scratch..."