Thursday, 21 January 2016

Crispin Blunt: The Problem

The problem with wanting politics to be more reflective of real life is that it inevitably leads to a bald, middle-aged man explaining to the House of Commons how party drugs help him to enjoy anal sex.

“I out myself as a popper user,” Crispin Blunt, the chairman of the foreign affairs select committee, declared yesterday.

Fifty years ago such a statement would have indicated an appreciation of modern philosophy. Any politician who confessed to enjoying a hit of Popper was probably referring to one of Sir Karl’s critiques of teleological historicism. Those who were into the heavy stuff would take a snifter of Bertrand Russell as well.

Today, though, poppers are a chemical product popular on the club scene that have, as Keith Vaz explained, “a beneficial ... effect in enabling anal sex”. You learn something new every day. Or I do, anyway, being very innocent. I’m with Lyn Brown, Labour’s drugs spokeswoman, who said that until she took on the brief she thought poppers were “the little things with the string that we had at parties”... 

The Times sketch.

The piece is titled 'Crispin Blunt relaxes into role of raconteur of gay lifestyle'.

Ho ho ho!

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  1. I think its great. Why not. At least SOMEONE is having a good time :D