Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Fagburn: Back

Sorry, been away as not happy about... stuff.

Been posting tings under relevant dates below..

Thanks to all who asked how I is.

If they could get through the seige of Leningrad, I can get through these trifles.



  1. I sort of wondered, too, but also wondered if asking might be a bit I-recognise-that-you-need-our-support counsellorish. Also, when you don't post my first thought is that you are having too much wild chemsex to think about blogging.

  2. Can you do a post about Camp Dan, the weatherman. Used to be on news 24. He was awesome.

  3. we all knew you were..thats ok.,some of us were not all that good also..and bowie just going didnt really help..though i can't say why..
    still... cling on to the we do like

  4. I didn't notice you were gone. I have an app that posts to this site and thought you were a bot. My app was worried about your bot but they worked out their differences and my app is now leaving me and going to live in France, naturally I'm devastated by this and comfort myself with gin and fried eggs. Wait. Ew. Hold the eggs. No not like that. *frowns*