Sunday, 10 January 2016

Harvey Proctor: Gay Witch-Hunt

THE Metropolitan police commissioner, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, will face renewed pressure over the handling of the Operation Midland VIP paedophile inquiry with the publication of a book by former Tory MP Harvey Proctor.

The book, entitled Credible and True, and due to be published in April, will detail how Proctor’s home was raided by the police and he was questioned over claims made by a witness known only as “Nick”.

Among the allegations made against Proctor was that he had strangled a boy to death, had been involved in a second murder and had tried to castrate “Nick” with a penknife.

Proctor has described the claims as “false and untrue and . . . a heinous calumny”.

Speaking about the book, he said: “I have written these words to help me untangle, in my own mind, the Kafka-esque situation in which I find myself. I have been accused of the most heinous crimes imaginable — serial child murder and the sexual abuse of children. I am innocent, but find I have to take on the Metropolitan police service to prove I am not guilty.

“I hope to demonstrate in my book why the police and certain politicians have got it so wrong, and why Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe should and will go.” 

 The Sunday Times.

A man with such obnoxious far right-wing views he was disowned by his fellow Tory MPs during the Thatcher years, but... good for you.

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