Monday, 4 January 2016

January 4th: Slow News Day?


Update: Such a big story The Sun et al later followed it up...


  1. Promoting frying pans.
    How the pretty hath fallen. :(

  2. How cynical to think our Tom is such a complete whore he was paid for taking a photo of this wonderful new-fangled frying pan! :(

  3. You seem not to realise what "frying pan" and "full English" are young-person-speak for.

    It is indeed an amazing frying pan.

  4. with a modern is all about the PR shot sadly..Toms lovely skils trying to elegantly dive into water without making a splash do not translate well, he can hardly dive into puddles.. so he has to be seen doing stuff to make money..and then to make more unless Lance give him pocket money .. if only he had another talent . other than being a professional GAY person

  5. It looks like a vessel for food poisoning. How can those sausages be cooking at the same temperature as the scrambled eggs? Dustin is going to be a bit squitty later.