Sunday, 24 January 2016

Lord Bramall: Nick Nick

THE anonymous witness who falsely accused the former army chief Lord Bramall of child sex abuse appeared in a television documentary under a different name claiming he was abused by Jimmy Savile.

Bramall’s accuser, known only as “Nick”, sparked the Metropolitan police’s Operation Midland inquiry when he claimed to know about the murders of three boys by a VIP paedophile ring operating in Westminster and involving senior political, military and intelligence figures.

However, at the same time that he was giving police and the media — including the BBC — his lurid accounts of abuse, he also appeared on a small satellite channel calling himself “Stephen” and naming Savile as one of his abusers.

In that interview, broadcast on the Crime and Investigation channel in August 2014, he made no mention of political or military figures. Police raided Bramall’s home in March last year. The case against him was so weak that the Met did not even send a file to the Crown Prosecution Service and he was cleared 10 days ago...

Sunday Times front page.

So will this nutty fantasist now be arrested for wasting police time? 

With Exaro News as accomplices?

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