Monday, 25 January 2016

Migrants: Respect Our Liberal Values!

The spate of migrant sex attacks has led authorities across Europe to start handing out cartoon strips explaining to refugees why they should not assault women.

The Austrian interior ministry has issued a ‘behaviour guide’, which includes drawings of a man hitting a woman – covered by a giant red cross – and an image of gay kissing, approved with a tick.

Authorities in Lucerne in Switzerland plan to distribute a version of the leaflet at its carnival next month and said the decision was made in the wake of the Cologne sex attacks.

Daily Mail.


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Now let's see what those tolerant Mail Online readers have to say...

send them back to where they come from That these "men" need to be told how to behave like a normal human being is absurd. Why would we let in scum like that? I don't get it at all. Ban all male refugees from entering Europe, only let in children and women. A better idea would be handing out maps showing the way back home. • Stop them landing on European soil now! Round up the chancers in Calais and Dunkerque and take them back to whence they came immediately. If this happened, they would stop coming. I am not holding my breath. • It's the end of Europe. If I make to being an old man, I have no idea what this continent will look like.flight home - tick!this is how civilization was brought down on its knees by polticial ocrrectness, lefites and liberals And yet the FemiNazis stay silent  Why are these people allowed to roam around , abusing and spitting . Get a grip Europe . These people have witnessed public beheadings from the age of 6. A couple of dumb cartoons is not going to make them understand western culture. The nativity of left wing do gooders is astounding. Send them back to their home and preserve our own culture and values... etc etc etc

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  1. Who was the comedian who said, "The way to disorient a Mail reader is to print a headline saying, 'Immigrants are the natural predators of paedophiles' "?