Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Poppers: Blunt

Conservative MP Crispin Blunt, a former prisons minister, says he is a user of the popper recreational drug and that a proposed ban on its supply would be "fantastically stupid".
Respect for the law among users would "go out of the window" if there was a ban, he told MPs during a debate on the government's Psychoactive Substances Bill.

Legalise all drugs, not just the ones that help old gay Tories get bumfucked.

Everyone should be soveriegn over their own body!

But how refreshing for a Tory politician to be candid about liking sex and drugs.

PS Will Attitude be publishing a multi-page exposé of this chemsex menace????


  1. I hate it. Like most days I feel like head is going to explode anyway. Why voluntarily feel like that :/

    Isn't it actually a carpet cleaning solvent or something.

  2. I think I oppose the use of Crispin Blunt as someone I should use or care about..he seems incredibly tacky ..sadly we can't have him banned as a substance that harms

  3. *Cough* Corbyn's 'New' Labour Party voted for this BS, but the Trident-loving John Woodcock authored an amendment allowing poppers.

  4. Some of my best friends are incredibly tacky.