Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Rod Liddle: Blunt, And To The Point

A year or so back my friend and colleague Hugo Rifkind wrote a very good piece in which he argued that the issues concerning gay rights should not be resolved simply by an elongated ‘eeeeuw’. In other words, heterosexual distaste at the practices of homosexuals should not determine general policy towards this minority. A good point and well made and I agreed with much of it. But it shouldn’t stop the rest of us going ‘eeeeuw’ from time to time, nonetheless.

So, Crispin Blunt MP feels hurt because laws proscribing amyl nitrate (or ‘poppers’) would criminalise the entire gay community. A jar of poppers and a tube of ‘lube’ are always found in the bedside drawer of a gay man, we are told. I would have thought that the requirement for amyl nitrate to relax the sphincter muscle and lube to accommodate entry was God’s way of telling you that what you’re about to do is unnatural and perverse. Or your body’s way of telling you – your call. So eeeeuw. Amyl nitrate is very bad for you – so ban it. Crispin and others can always use a jemmy instead.

The Specator blog - this is Mr Liddle's post in full, by the way.

Civilisation is man's triumph over nature, Rod.

Update: Government launches review of poppers law after outcry over ban, Pink News.


  1. Oh it RELAXES the muscle.

    For some reason thought it might do the opposite. It has been on my mind.

    Why not just be in love. Being in love is very relaxing. Apparently. :)

  2. Just another straight man promoting "backs to the wall" fear of anal sex. Why do so many of them have to be, so well, anal about it?

    1. He's not promoting anything. Its just some bloke that swears a lot and drives a taxi. You get them.

  3. Hang on. Wrong thread. Lol.

    What I meant to say is he's not promoting anything. He's just a hack that writes crap. Greater mystery in my eyes is why he gets paid for such drivel, but people are busy and stupid.

  4. Mr Liddle proving yet again he is still a count. "I had that Cilla Black in my cab once".