Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Adoption: 1 In 12

The adoption of children by gay men and lesbians has become routine with one in 12 children now placed with a same sex couple.

New figures show a fourfold increase in gay adoption in the past five years, representing a change in attitudes among the public and professionals working in children’s services.

Gay men and women were given the right to adopt in 2002 but they were often passed over in favour of married heterosexual couples in the early years. Reforms of adoption law in 2010 to boost the number, campaigned for by The Times, put pressure on adoption services to find more prospective parents, encouraging them to widen their search to the gay community.
In 2010 only 120 children were adopted by same sex couples in England. Last year the number rose to 450...

The Times. 

It's actually not a very big number, is it?


  1. Are you sure these men are a gay couple doing parenting things? They are not that hunky and not shirtless and tattooed.

  2. Yes exactly. I'm hunky and shirtless and tattooed and I don't want to adopt children. I'm not even sure what my point is I just wanted to get that out there.