Saturday, 6 February 2016

Blind Date: Definitely Maybe

Since October, 8 of the 22 Guardian's blind dates featured have been gayers - which seems a bit excessive.

PS Hope you don't need telling about The Guyliner's hilarious reviews of these.


  1. For goodness sakes, who are these people ? Why are they smiling like that ? Just fall in love with your best friend do a psych album and then go mad like any other normal person. >:(

  2. Borstals have fashion buyers now? I needed telling about the Guyliner reviews and I'm glad you did.

  3. Omg. Read the date and the review of it. Date went fine. These are two healthy, polite people who enjoyed each others company. The reviewer is just some bitch with nothing better to do than laugh at peoples jeans.

    I didn't think of that.. You could just go along and spend time with someone. Might be a laugh and if you like em you could end up as friends or whatever. The reviewer is just utterly awful, no wonder he keeps getting stood up by.. Justin ? Or ? Who cares I already forgot.

    1. Actually I went to pub last night. I must have listened to the barmaid withering on for a solid hour but she is so lovely that I had 2 more pints than I intended to. But just the sheer relief of talking tho.