Sunday, 21 February 2016

Boxing News: On The Ropes

NIKE has announced it will no longer sponsor Manny Pacquiao after he called homosexuals “worse than animals”.

“It’s common sense,” Pacquiao raved. “Do you see animals mating with the same sex?”

Perhaps not mating, Manny, but my dog Stan has an unusually close relationship with a Mini Schnauzer called Max. They can’t pass each other without a quick sniff of their butts.

Pacquiao issued a feeble apology for his homophobic ravings but the damage is done.

The fighter, who has been a proud champion for the Filipino people, has tarred himself as a small-minded bigot.

What is it with boxing and gay people? First Tyson Fury and now Pacquiao.

Both should be lauded as brave, skilful boxers.

But both are now widely thought of as small-minded idiots who share the prejudices of the Islamic State bigots who throw gays from rooftops.

It is weird that boxing should have this problem – the only sport where half-naked men routinely embrace at the end of a competition.

But the problem is not boxing. The problem is religion.

Both of the boxers who have ranted against homosexuality are committed Christians.

Like Fury before him, Pacquiao reminds us that few human beings are improved by deeply held religious beliefs. 

Tony Parsons, The Sun On Sunday. 

Glad someone pointed out Pacquiao and Fury's homophobia comes from their christianity, and this isn't a boxing thing.

How could it be?

Boxing's almost as gay as diving.

PS Great to see the free speech-hating Pink News has started one of their hysterical, relentless campaigns to have the infidel Pacquiao burnt at the stake (currently filing two (non) stories a day!)

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