Friday, 5 February 2016

Cakegate: Eat It!

The McArthurs’ appeal, which started two days ago, was adjourned when the Northern Ireland attorney-general unexpectedly introduced a new argument. This was that these regulations banning discrimination may themselves discriminate against people such as the McArthurs on the grounds of their religious beliefs or political opinions. That was more or less the point made by the clearly bonkers Tatchell. Although he had originally supported Lee’s case, he said, he had changed his mind.

For now he had grasped the crucial issue. The McArthurs weren’t objecting to baking for a gay person — the bakery, they said, had many gay customers and at least one gay member of staff — but to baking a cake whose slogan ran smack up against their religious beliefs...

The Times.

Even a stopped mentalist clock...


  1. For now he had grasped the crucial issue....

    Oh, thank god. I was really starting to worry that someone hadn't grasped the crucial issue.

    I'm pretending to be in withnail and I today which is helping me bathe and stuff. this blog reminds me of the scene at the start in the cafe where he is reading the paper in horror :D oh how much has changed :P

  2. The Attorney General is just trying to confuse things. The judge dismissed all their arguments.

    1. Did he dismiss them and then shout


      cos otherwise I will have to formally complain.