Thursday, 4 February 2016

Cakegate: Yup

The Independent.

Love it that these pieces cite Saint Peter Tatchell's damascene conversion, without pointing out what a reactionary postion he took before.

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  1. You can almost hear the author of this piece trying to stretch the article out by using more words.

    Don't forget someone has to check this for errors also, and lawyers look at it to make sure no-one sues them.

    This is the UK. One small event generates a circus full of lawsuits and media and then the media about the media and the media about the media about the media and then the bathroom NEVER gets cleaned and we all die from the fumes of the cillit bang which we have to use to chisel the centuries old effluent off the side of the sink and then the sun burns out and then the whole terrible thing starts all over again but with even MORE moustaches and flares and OH GOD SPARE US ALL FROM THIS FESTIVAL OF HELL. *pant pant pant* sorry what was question again ?