Friday, 26 February 2016

Elliott Johnson: Bullied To Death?

The young Conservative activist whose suicide sparked the Tatler Tory bullying scandal had battled with depression for years, an official police report has concluded.

Elliott Johnson, 21, tried to kill himself three times in his teens, and had found it difficult that his parents struggled to accept his homosexuality, detectives found.

He killed himself on a railway line in September, leaving a suicide note accusing senior election aide Mark Clarke, 38, of bullying him...

Daily Mail.

No prizes for guessing the only journalist to wonder if Johnson was a gayer, and if that might be the backstory here.

PS His secret gay lover! (Alleged).

And from The Guardian March 3rd...

Last week, the police report to the coroner was leaked to the Daily Mail which then reported that Johnson had made three previous attempts to kill himself and had rowed with his parents about his sexuality.

The article alleged that in a note left, Johnson had said his parents had not come to terms with the fact that he was gay. The implications seemed obvious – that Elliott’s death was inevitable, and that the parents’ attitude had contributed. It has left them wretched.

“You yourself have seen the suicide note,” Ray says to me, “ and there is no mention of his sexuality. That really knocked us back. It upset us greatly. They obviously put it there to deflect responsibility for his death away from the people who are responsible and try to put the blame on us.”

Not my interpretation, but there you go.

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