Sunday, 7 February 2016

Fagburn: When Will My Agony End?

Don't think I can bring myself to do today's papers, think I'll just jack off to Czech porn read an improving book about Maoism's relevance today.


  1. "Drinking gave me cancer... but I will not give up wine". - Your brilliant new Health Column.


  2. "We have no single clue about health. Maybe eat some wheat. Hang on. Don't eat wheat. Sorry one sec. Eat masses of wheat. Good luck, and goodbye."

    I read a book about the daily lives of the Tudors and then sprayed the mattress with flea spray. Amazingly their health advice was much more accurate but then it had to be since most of em ploughed in the fields from dawn to dusk. Made me tired reading it, I may have to recline.

  3. I'm on the edge of my seat wondering when Cliff's agony will end, but I won't give up my lager.

    Also I'm overjoyed about Elton John, perhaps I can heal the rift with my own mother and she may even allow me to hold her hand and forget that old band, although I doubt it. She is much more likely to passively attempt to convey how much of a disgusting freak I am. *smiles winningly*

  4. ...anyway, what's wrong with jacking off to Hungarian porn?

  5. ...anyway, what's wrong with jacking off to Hungarian porn?