Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Fat-Shaming: Now Officially A Thing

Men who identify as gay or bisexual have been shown to ‘fat shame’ one another in a higher rates than the straight community, a new survey has found.

Published by the journal Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity, ‘Fat Chance! Experiences and Expectations of Anti-fat Bias in the Gay Male Community’ and is cited as the only study of its kind to measure “weight based prejudice among gay men” empirically.


Yeah, that's a thing... 'fat-shaming'.

'It's official' - no, it's not, this is just junk science about junk food.


Still, good to see the gay press covering this important issue...

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  1. Gay men like to look good shocker. Pages 4 to 300. In depth analysis.

    I really must work on my abs. My Bowie posters arrived and I want to look like him so I am drinking cocoa, which is very good for you. I lost 4 stone last year. Healed my metabolism by resting and eating loads. Now I just need to tone up and buy a suit.