Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Gareth Bale: Yummy

That picture of Saint Peter was annoying me, so here's a picture of my new boyfriend, Gareth Bale.

He will be coming out in a moving YouTube video tomorrow. #sobrave


  1. He looks hyper real. You know like an owl. I almost certainly need a cuppa.

    No not like an owl. Oh you know. Hyper reality. Gahhhh

  2. thats depth of field! yer actual photography probably f11..lit with flash from the left side.. the background lit from thw warm glow of brand approval

  3. Ahh I see. I was a bit concerned that he actually looks like that in real life and it would be like having a wolf in the room staring at you calmly over the vol au vants but now you have explained about the lenses its like a soothing balm to my whole brain.