Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Homophobia: My Funny Valentine

20-year-old Degas Sikorski is openly gay – and has spent three years working at the Party City in Edmonton [Canada].

However, the retail worker spoke out after he was the victim of a homophobic ‘prank’ at the store on Valentine’s Day.

On the Saturday Valentine’s Day shift, a supervisor had put up the Valentine’s cards left for all the employees in the break room.

However, one for Mr Sikorski had been defaced with the words “Faggot – you are not getting shifts for a reason”.

Mr Sikorski had not been assigned a shift for six weeks.

The worker told Global News he has never had issues with staff or management over his sexual orientation – and is in the dark about the nasty message.

He said: “My jaw hit the floor. [I thought] Oh my God, I’m not safe here.”

“Suddenly I can’t be myself. Suddenly I can’t accept myself and be who I am at Party City for fear of retaliation from somebody in the staff." ...

Pink News.

Seeing as so many of these cases where someone has gone public claiming to be the victim of homophobia have turned out to be hoaxes, you'd think the gay media would have learnt to treat them with some caution.


  1. I dont think its a hoax. I think the use of the F word is to let people know who the card is for :P then comes the message, which is that he isn't getting shifts. It doesn't say what the reason is but could possibly be his tendency to run to the papers thinking that he isn't safe, rather than "passive aggressive note leavers just upped their game, oh noes"

    1. Yes, but there's a clear reason why he might have wanted to cry homophobia here.

    2. Sure but I'm wondering if going to the papers and saying "I'm gay and now terrified to be gay because of what someone wrote on a card" is gonna really help him out in any way.

    3. Even if he's not really 'terrified' and wrote the card himself, hoping for sympathy and compensation?

    4. Oh yeh I didn't think of that. Also the card was already to him.. Maybe the message was written by a jealous admirer. Or maybe he wrote both messages.

      But there's one thing that still puzzles me...

      (Not really, I'm finding it hard to care about the whole incident but the picture intrigues me slightly. I find myself wondering what kind of food he likes etc)

      Lol wait.. Just noticed the word "faggot" is written really neatly and in the centre of the heart. Lolol