Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Education: Back To School

I pretty much knew I was gay by the time I started secondary school - perhaps knowing all of S Club 7’s lyrics aged 11 was a giveaway, but I didn’t want to admit it to myself. When I eventually did, I decided it was better not to tell anyone. At my all-boys northern grammar, being gay felt like something negative, a bit rubbish and best to hide. I was terrified my friends wouldn’t want to be my friends any more. I was convinced they might think that I fancied them all.

I knew how I was meant to be. I should play rugby, like football, hang around town after school with girls from the other local school, smuggle in a copy of FHM and talk about sex. But I didn’t. I was useless at sport and played a “gay instrument”, the flute...

The Guardian.

A sweet piece by Tim Ramsey - from one grammar school bugger to another respec'!

Just Like Us is a new charity which sends recent LGBTQ+ school-leavers into schools to give talks and run workshops to combat homophobia and make schools better places for young LGBTQ+ pupils.

Not sure you need a charity to get gay men to get back to their old schools and give a talk, but there you go...


  1. Dear bloody god. Must think kids live under a rock in 1952 reading boys own comics. Noticed that big glowing thing in the corner of the room lately. Its either a huge gay UFO or the flippin internet.

  2. He also played the pink oboe!!!

  3. What you need in this situation is 2 girl saxophonists. This will prove that NO-ONE is gay and we can all weep together while engaged in very manly activities such as chess and whistling and playing the bass for hours upon end in an attempt to woo many ladies.