Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Gay Misogyny: No Problem


This is too crass for words.

Yes, Chas - Charles - Newkey-Burden actually argues that 'fag hags' and drag - never mind Stephen Fry's 'baglady' joke - are signs of gay men's misogyny!

He claims gay men call women 'fish'.

I've never heard this in 20 years, but then we must move in very different circles.

And that is the case for the prosecution!

Whilst there are certainly sexist gay men, to say this is a massive 'problem', or that we excel at it, is utter bollocks.

It's obvious most gay men adore women; from their friends, to their family, to their idols.

Some women are homophobic, but does this tell us anything about an entire sex?

The real issue here is Newkey-Burden's hatred and snobby contempt of ordinary gay men.

This is self-loathing masquerading as critique.

Charles was an 'anti-gay' gay journalist for OutCast magazine.

He's also, you may not be surprised to hear, posh as fuck, extremely right-wing and a Zionist.

He now writes shitty pulp biographies of the likes of One Direction and Justin Bieber.

The cunt.

PS Fry defended by Brendan O'Neill!

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  1. No, I hate them. Especially this one. Newkey-Burden ffs. Does his father own a chain of swimming pools or what.