Thursday, 18 February 2016

Norfolk Police Firearms Unit: Rainbow Laces

Norfolk Constabulary’s firearms unit can ‘string a rainbow’ after they joined Stonewall’s national Rainbow Laces campaign against homophobia.

The constabulary’s firearms unit have joined the campaign as another gesture of support for Norfolk’s LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) communities during LGBT History Month.

The Rainbow Laces campaign originated as a means of removing homophobia from sports, playing fields, terraces and stadiums across the country, with the campaign now having extended to organisations and public services to fight homophobic stigma and abuse.

Norfolk Police have already displayed the rainbow flag – a universally recognised symbol in support of LGBT pride – outside their headquarters in Wymondham during February and are continuing to promote initiatives throughout the month.

Inspector Lou Provart, Co-Chair of the National LGBT Network, said: "Norfolk Constabulary has a long history of supporting our LGBT staff and wider LGBT communities, as well as challenging stereotypes in all forms.

"It has been fantastic to work with our Firearms Training Department as well as the Norfolk Fire Urban Search and Rescue Team to clearly demonstrate just that." ...

Norfolk Constabulary.

Via How Upsetting.

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