Saturday, 20 February 2016

Peter Tatchell: Poor Me

The Guardian.

Peter might want to think about why so many 'attacks' - meaning criticisms - now come from people on the left.

Wet wanky liberals adore him * - and this profile is a wonderful/woeful example of that.

Nothing he says is challenged, not one difficult question is asked, no critical observation is made.

And, as seems usual in these things, the rather 'imaginative' account of Tatchell's biography - oh great hero, oh brave martyr - could have come straight from a press release from Saint Peter himself.

This belongs in a fanzine, not The Guardian.

* See the readers' comments for more hilarious examples; 'Unsung hero' (!), 'So brave', 'deserves a knighthood' etc etc


  1. Sorry to say this but this article makes him out to be insane. Just extremely troubled person in need of a good holiday. I feel bad, I had this idea he was just a bit silly. No, he's got problems, sorry.

  2. This is the single biggest problem that I have with the left.

    If you would put yourself first for once and be selfish there wouldn't be the need for these endless campaigns. People would be LOOKING AFTER THEMSELVES instead of rushing around trying to fix everyone else. This is an extreme example of what I'm talking about, this guy is in a self perpetuating loop and all the lefties encourage this kind of thing. You just want to shake him and say sort yer fricken life out before you go marching off to get you head kicked in once again.

  3. The ONLY thing clear about your confused-as-shit position on no-platforming etc. is that it's cynical as fuck. Aren't you the the guy who used the slur term "SJW" on this very blog -- a term popularised if not invented by the Alt fascists!

    Congrats, you've attained that hallowed place amongst your fellow horseshoe lefties..can full-on holocaust denial, jewish tentacle botherment, and/or nutjob Christian conversion be far off?

    I'll take any wet wanky liberal over a dishonest *professional contrarian cunt like you, dear.

    P.S Still nowt about Putin's magnificient Syrian non-imperialist adventures in Enlightenment humanitarian wonder-working?

    1. If you want to write something when you're sober, I'll happily swap it.

    2. I am really not up on any of these terms.

    3. You mean Peter's support for Syrian civil society activists and socialists pissed at their exclusion by the likes of the Stop The War Coalition? As detailed here That Syria?

  4. "Peter might want to think about why so many 'attacks' - meaning criticisms - now come from people on the left."

    The left is better at witch-hunting. How orgasmic to convict of witchcraft, the witchfinder-general himself!

    1. Just discuss things more I think, hence more "attacks".

      Was amazed to discover he's been beaten up 300 times in 10 years. That's nearly one a month. WTF. have a word with yourself. Or change your cologne ? Its bonkers.

    2. Yes, once a month, he claims.

      But he never mentions it when it happens - odd for a man who sends out a press release every time he has a bowel movement.

    3. He's not dealing with anything when it actually happens, all this stuff is several steps removed from actual reality. Its a self perpetuating mass of swirling nonsense with occasional kicks up the arse. Its like the local council in human form. Boggles the mind.

  5. 1. "Unfortunately, however, the boys [ pupils in a posh school] directed their main counter-attack not against their oppressors but against their would-be liberator, regarding him perhaps as the weakest link in the chain that bound them."

    From Edward Upward's novel, In The Thirties, p. 116 (Quartet Books).

    2. Some of the people gunning for PT are saying that if he can't prove he contacted the newspapers correcting them about their attributing to him the view that he was no-platformed, then they are justified in saying he maintained he was no-platformed.