Friday, 5 February 2016

Science Fiction: Astounding

When I was a kid, my stepfather amassed an amazing collection of science fiction magazines. He had so many that he had his room lined in bookcases to hold them all. The covers seemed to be sending me messages, hot gay messages. Most of these covers were in my stepfather's collection. Might as well start with the ne plus ultra of crypto-homo covers. Could have been one of my father's Physique Pictorials. But that's another story...

A nice selection of covers on The Advocate website.


  1. How sweet :)

    Not being funny but I've always been much more into a guys hands/ arms/ neck/ erm, boots etc *cough* than the sorta whole physique.

  2. Maybe starting to build up a bit of a picture lol.

    But a lot of times would utterly hate him, such as today. Surely the most annoying man on earth. "Peace n love" my arse. >:(

    Sorry. Didn't mean to be insensitive. What I meant was arghhhhhhh we're all going to die horribly in a selection of unpleasant ways, save yourselves by chewing this type of gum and avoid running on Wednesdays, unless of the Apocalypse, in which case you are permitted to run, but not chew gum, as it has very little vitamins, which you will need in the event of zombies. This has been a public service. Now scream !!