Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Squirt: Disgusting

This poster advertising ‘non stop hookups’ for gay men has been removed from Cardiff bus stops after complaints it was 'inappropriate'.
Twitter users complained to Cardiff Bus and the city council saying the poster was not suitable for display in the city centre. The advert was for Squirt.org which describes itself as “the hottest #gayhookup #gaycruising site for gay & bi men”.
Twitter users complained the advert was "inappropriate" and would be "awkward" for families.
Cardiff Bus responded that the bus stops fall under the control of Cardiff council. The council in turn say they responded to complaints and have had the posters removed.

Twitter user David Spragg called the advert "disgusting" and "inappropriate" using the hashtag #getitremoveddisgusting ...

Wales Online.

They are fugly, though.


  1. I'm surprised Squirt is still going. I'm pretty sure it was the first gay site I ever went on. It was excellent for locating all the cruising areas and cottages in your area. Probably all gone now.

    1. People were clearly adding 'cruising grounds' and 'cottages' in the Brighton section that weren't, but were near their house or place of work.

  2. I think they look great but the advert is very suggestive. I'm quite traditional in this area I think a lot of explicit stuff both hetero and otherwise is better private. But then I have got a better imagination than most people. Like I want to be catching the bus not thinking about those two going at it lolol