Monday, 15 February 2016

Tim Minchin: Come Home (Cardinal Pell)

Tim Minchin has written a song about Cardinal George Pell, in which he lambasts Australia’s most senior Catholic cleric over the fact he won’t be returning from Rome to testify at the royal commission into institutional child abuse.

“It’s a really nice song, the chorus just goes ‘come home, Cardinal Pell / we hear you’re not feeling well’,” Minchin said at a press conference in Perth on Friday. “There’s also a bit where I call him a fucking coward.”

Pell is due to appear via video link at a royal commission to give evidence about child sex abuse that occurred within his parishes. Victims were hoping Pell’s medical condition would improve so he could appear in person, but on Monday were told he was still too unwell to make the flight from Rome to Melbourne...

The Australian singer-songwriter said his song about Pell, which will “be on the radio in three days”, is also about home. “I think George probably doesn’t realise how much we want him here.” ...


Here's an Australian TV debate between the cardinal and Richard Dawkins on religion and morality and that 4 THE LOLZ!!

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