Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Art: Kanye Loves Kanye

Ever wondered what it would look like if Kanye West made out with Kanye? Well thanks to Australian artist, Scott Marsh you can finally see what that would look like and it’s definitely hilarious!

Let’s be honest, Kanye West would probably love to make out with himself and he finally got his chance … sort of. A famous picture of Kanye kissing Kim Kardashian at the 2015 Grammys was recreated on the side of Zigi’s Wine and Cheese Bar in Sydney, Australia but instead of Kanye kissing his wife, the artist, Scott Marsh, thought it would be better if Kanye was kissing himself!

“No one can love Kanye quite like Kanye,” Scott wrote on his Facebook. He also posted the pic to his Instagram with the caption: “Who do you love as much as #Kanyeloveskanye ???” It’s pretty funny but the best part is that it’s 20 feet high. That’s definitely one mural that you won’t be able to miss! Considering Kanye’s recent Twitter rants, we wouldn’t be surprised if he commented on social media about the mural that’s going viral. The artist then posted several pics of people kissing in front of the mural...

Hollywood Life.

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