Thursday, 31 March 2016

First Dates: Everybody's Doing It

First Dates contestant Daniel May became mildly famous after claiming his appearance on the show lead to him being beaten up in a homophobic attack and receiving death threats.

He's now saying that none of this happened. And what was his excuse? "People had convinced me these kind of stories get you noticed and was told that all celebrities do it."


Yet another great victory for 'Cry homophobia!' and making out you're a victim when you're not.

Edit: He fesses up to Guys Like U.

'Yes, it was a lie, well the first attack was anyway. Unfortunately after my appearance on First Dates two things happened. One, I started to get loads of attention and I had lots of agents and management companies offering me large sums of money and stupidly I got sucked in fast. Before I knew it, people had convinced me these kind of stories get you noticed and was told that all celebrities do it. The next thing I was in OK mag, Cosmopolitan, Heat, Daily Mirror and so on……. There was no going back and I was deep in a very slippery road.'

He also talks about MY CHEMSEX HELL!

And who'd doubt anything he says now?

A star of smash-hit TV show First Dates has told how he has started a new life in Birmingham after being the victim of a brutal homophobic attack in London.

Daniel May, 26, was set upon by two men who shouted that he was the “f****t from TV” before punching him in the face.

He tried to fend them off with his bag but was left with a bloodied nose following the attack by two thugs.

Daniel said he decided not to report the night-time assault to police as the two men wore hoodies and he could not give a description, reports the Birmingham Mail.

Mirror, 12th February 2016 with video.

Mr May also claimed to be getting death threats after saying on the TV show he didn't like camp gay man.

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