Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Iain Lee: Flabbergasted

Former BBC presenter Iain Lee said he was “flabbergasted” after the corporation’s trust ruled an interview in which he labelled anti-gay views as bigotry broke its editorial guidelines.

Lee, a former presenter of Channel 4’s The 11 O’Clock Show, left his breakfast slot on BBC Three Counties Radio after the clash with a Christian lawyer and a former prison worker who cited verses from the Bible listing homosexuality as a sin.

Lee told lawyer Libby Powell: “Do you support bigotry? Yes, homophobia is bigotry … People like you break my heart because you’re doing Christianity and religion a real disservice.”

He later told the preacher, who was claiming constructive dismissal at an employment tribunal: “I find the view that being gay is sinful, I find that view completely repugnant and disgraceful.”

The trust’s editorial complaints unit said it was a “serious breach” of the BBC’s editorial guidelines for impartiality. It said Lee “did not show due impartiality” and behaved in an “inappropriately combative manner”.

Lee said on Twitter: “Genuinely, I’m flabbergasted. The report contains examples of where I was wrong. Apart from one line, I kept replying ‘what’s wrong with that?’” ...

Media Guardian.

Fucking ridiculous.

Fagburn usually defends the BBC from its bashers, but this 'Giving bigots airtime unchallenged for 'balance'' is such tosh.


  1. The BBC high ups care about nothing except preserving the licence fee and cannot afford to alienate religious bigots, who are organised and vocal.

  2. The time when the BBC courageously ignored Mary Whitehouse is long gone. These days, she would be all over ever BBC news programme every time t'gays made news.